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xDuoo TA-03S


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USB decoding with high -quality playback , using the industry top USB digital conversion chip XMOS, USB2.0 asynchronous transfer and playback processing , and support for WASAPI, ASIO, KS kernel streaming mode , which greatly reduces jitter and latency, maximum support 24bit/192KHz digital audio

Using two high -quality crystal oscillator as a clock source , Work at 44.1k and 48k and its multiples sample rate are lower, automatic switching control system to ensure that the local clock mutually independent and reliable operation without interference

USB interface supports Windows7, Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS X systems

DAC section uses a dual -chip flagship Wolfson chip : WM8740

Vacuum tube headphone amplifier 6N11 +6 C19 gold portfolio, the timbre Soft and Charming

With analog RCA input and output ports , can be used as an independent headphone amplifier.

Using capacitive coupling output , get rid of the limitations of the output transformer , the amplifier 's frequency response closer to the limits of tube amplification .

Using ELNA, NICHICON, RUBYCON other famous capacitance

Using a special low-noise tube amp low quality E-shaped magnetic flux leakage transformer

Side of cherry wood , looks very upscale.

The use of high -strength aluminum alloy shell


Voltage: 110V RO 220V
Output Power: 500mW (600/300O load)
300mW (150O load)
USB input can support systems: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Apple MAC systems
Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 30KHz (?1dB)
Gain: +16dB
Distortion: 0.09% (1KHz)
Crosstalk: 110dB
Impedance: 60O ~ 600O
Size: 220 * 140 * 95mm
Weight: 3.10KG


xDuoo TA-03 Headphone Amplifier
AC 100-240V Power Adapter
Free 3.5mm Female to 6.5mm Male Stereo Audio Adapter

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