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Topping E30




High-Performance AKM DAC, AK4493
The Topping E30 is equipped with a High-performance DAC chip from brand AKM, the AK4493. The DAC chip provides a very clean and crisp audio signal decoding.

The Topping E30 uses the 2nd generation XMOS chip, XMOS XU208. Which is capable of decoding PCM up to 32-Bit/768kHz, or DSD up to DSD512 natively, and DSD over DoP up to DSD256. It supports decoding for almost all kinds of hi-res formats.

AKM AK4118 S/PDIF Receiver
The Topping E30 uses AK4118 receiver from the brand AKM, it manages the S/PDIF input signals. It is the current latest S/PDIF receiver in the market that provides very low jitter in the signal transmission.

Low Distortion and Clean Background
Topping E30 has a distortion rating of 0.0003% and a signal to noise ratio of 121dB. The device has a dynamic range of 119 dB. The device provides noise and jitter-free sound decoding with a dark background so that all the micro details in your music pop out with crisp clarity.

5V Power Supply
The Topping E30 uses a 5V power supply. This makes the device very versatile, you can power this device from the USB port of your computer, Mobile phone charger, or even power banks. So you can enjoy your good music anytime anywhere.

OLED Display
The Topping E30 has an OLED display in the front which shows the users various information like active input type and volume level.

Multiple Input Options
The topping E30 offers three input ports, USB, Co-axial, and Optical inputs. This provides users with multiple input ports and provides versatility to them.

Specification :
USB :44.1kHz-768kHz 16bit-32bit
OPT/COAX : 44.1kHz-192kHz 16bit- 24bit

DSD (Native)
OPT/COAX :Not supported

USB : DSD64-DSD256
OPT/COAX :Not supported

Output Voltage:2Vrms@0dBFS
THD+N:<0.0003% @1kHz A-weighting
Noise:<2uVrms @A-weighting
Crosstalk:-130dB @1 kHz
SNR:>121dB @ 1kHz
Dynamic Range:119dB @1kHz
Channel Balance:<0.3 dB

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Black, Silver