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Electronic frequency division
Alloy wire drawing process
Sound pure, without any unpleasant hissing
Good sense of balance, the sound is never too bright or too dark, treble ,mids ,bass power are balanced distribution, the convergence between frequency is natural and smooth .
High frequency extension is good, delicate and supple
Low frequency dive deep, clean and full, full of flexibility and strength, without any fat, slow feeling
Medium frequency distortion is very small, transparent and warm, vocal is vivid and natural, there is thickness, magnetic, not exaggerated and nasal
Good resolution, rich details, small signal can be clearly reproduced
Have good sound field characterization ability, sound field is open, the instrument positioning is accurate and stable. Sound field has enough information
Dynamic is not obvious compression, with a good sense of speed, large volume without distortion or distortion is very small.


Brand: Tin Audio
Model: T2
Driver: dynamic 10mm woofer + 6mm tweeter
Impedance: 16
Frequency response range: 12-40000Hz
Earphone interface""'MMCX
Plug: 3.5mm Carbon fiber gold-plated straight plug,
Cable: 1.2M 5N oxygen free copper silver-plated wire

Tin Audio T2
3 pairs of silicone eartips
1 pair of foam eartip

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