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Explore Excellence with Planar Magnetic Technology

New Dimensions of Sound, Technology, and Construction
In the audio world, innovation is the key to create exceptional products that can elevate the music listening experience.

?The planar magnetic technology is fuses the moving coil with the diaphragm, therefore making the driver move air more evenly and improving sound quality. Planar magnetic earphones combine the advantages of both dynamic drivers and balanced armatures. As a combination of both, it makes up for the lack of low frequencies in balanced armatures, while making high frequencies better than on dynamic drivers.

?The P1 uses our new way of creating earphones and acoustic technologies we?ve developed. It is aimed at providing you with a very balanced and accurate sound experience.

Be moved by the realism of sound
P1 adopts a 10-millimeter planar magnetic driver and ultra-nano diaphragm technology with a thickness of just 1 micron that allows for higher resolution and faster transient response, making the sound more musical and more natural. At the same time, it has a wide soundstage and sound pressure level (SPL) that are comparable to over-ear headphones. This leads to technical specifications being top-notch and to listening experience being pleasant and exciting.

High Quality Metal Shell Desgin
TIN HIFI P1 uses food-grade 304 stainless steel to ensure the safety of the contact between the earphones and the skin. The metal is hand-polished to achieve superior appearance with mirror-like design.

Audiophile Cable
Continuing on the footsteps of the T3 cable, a Mixed Braided Cable in 5N OFC and Copper Alloy comes with P1. We chose top quality MMCX connectors so the cable can be easily replaced

– Model: Tin HiFi P1
– Driver: 10 mm planar diaphragm
– Impedance: 20 O ? 15%
– Sensitivity: 96 ? 3 dB
– Frequency range: 10 Hz ? 40 kHz
– Rated power: 5 mW
– Max power: 10 mW
– Max distortion: 1 dB
– Interface: Gold-plated MMCX connect

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