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Unit: 12MM dual magnetic circuit two-way graphene unit (upgraded second generation unit)
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 108 dB mW
Frequency response: 5 Hz ''"40 kHz
Lowest power: 8 mW
Plug mode: 3.5 mm in-line
Line length: 1.2 meters
Silicone case: 7 pairs
0.78 mm double pin changeable line

Performance characteristics:

1. After the first generation KING version won two Japanese VGP authority awards, it once again enhances the sense of sound in the sound field. The new process design has a better appearance and a more delicate feel. KING is equipped with a second-generation unit, and the KING II is equipped with a 2.5-generation dual-magnetic two-way graphene patent unit, which is more suitable for mobile phones and players. Still carrying a very high level of resolution, the high frequency on the basis of KING to enhance the softness, the intermediate frequency is thicker, the low frequency is more relaxed and flexible. The KING series is one of the most representative music monitor headphones in the TFZ brand. Especially suitable for vocals popular ACG and other styles.

2. The wire is made of four-core silver-plated oxygen-free copper, which is twisted and braided. The standard 0.78MM double pin can be changed.

3. The upper cover of the earphone housing is made of alloy aluminum and stainless steel plating process, and the lower shell is imported PC material plus rubber oil spraying process.

NB :

CSI-ZONE selaku authorized store TFZ hanya menyediakan produk TFZ asli 100%, baru dan bergaransi distributor PT CAHAYA SENTRA INOVASI.
Kami melakukan kontrol untuk setiap produk yang kami jual demi kepuasan pelanggan.
Garansi 1 Tahun untuk product TFZ yang kami jual.

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