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TFZ King Edition


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A high quality earphone with TFZ the 3rd generation driver. The KING series is the most popular monitor series for the TFZ brand. After several generations of upgrades, the launch of the KING EDITION is even more meaningful. The powerful dual-magnetic dual-chamber dual-voice coil diamond diaphragm Tesla magnetic group driver will once again play great potential.

The overall style of KING EDITION is biased towards sweet and loose vocal, the music atmosphere is listenable, Designing low impedance is more conducive to excellent front-end performance output., medium-low frequency density thickness optimization is particularly obvious, full of flexibility and deep dive, still maintaining ultra-high definition resolution and grand sound field, making KING EDITION present a new acoustic performance based on NO.3/3 TI driver, the NO.3/3TI previously equipped with the driver has just won the Japan 2019 VGP SUMMER authority award.

KING EDITION is designed with two different listening style settings, which can be switched by the adjustable switch on the panel. The impedance variation range is 20Hz. The ON position is 15 ohms, the OFF position is 17 ohms, and the 1KHz at ON position is 17ohm. The OFF position is 18ohm. 18 ohms, 10KHz at ON position is 18 ohms, OFF position is 12 ohms, The overall style is more biased towards the musical atmosphere in the OFF position, in the ON position , more inclined to resolution and restored and is more suitable for on-site monitoring and other requires professional acoustic performance.

KING EDITION adopts high-gloss electroplated oxygen-free copper panel and aluminum alloy shell for the first time. Delicate texture and exquisite workmanship. Strongly highlighting the future design sense of music emotional expression, later will also introduce more color matching, making the product more suitable for the personality choice of diverse groups.

The standard 0.78MM silver-plated cable to make the sound clear, bright and full.