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  • ES9038PRO DAC Chip
  • XMOS XU216
  • 2.19″ LG LCD
  • MQA Support
  • 7 Modes Digital Filter
  • Support PCM 32bit / 768KHz
  • Support DSD512
  • Hi-Res Certification

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Hi-Fi Level Internal Material.
M500 uses top performance D/A Chip ES9038PRO from ESS Technology. The DAC chip achieves the highest performance in the industry with a SNR of 140dB and total harmonic distorition plus noise of -122dB.

High End OP-AMP Material.
3 high end dual op-amps OPA1612 are used. The M500 enables low noise density and low distortion for maximum dynamic range and provides high output drive capability.

Newest XMOS USB Program.
USB uses the newest XMOS XU-216 true 32bit USB program with custom drivers, DoP and Native DSD can provide better support for the transmission of various HD audio.

Aluminum Alloy CNC Precision Machining Shell.
Using anodized technology and charmfering process high-grade apperance, delicate touch exquisite and durable.

Tempered Glass Panel.
Higher light transmittance, which emphasizes simplicity and beauty. With 2.19″ LG display, high end and durable.

MQA Support.
M500 includes a full MQA decoder which will unfold the file to deliver the highest possible sound of quality. M500 supports MQA decoding via USB input only.

Multiple Digital Filter for PCM signals.
Up to 7 filter modes make the sounds changeable for different people. (Fast Linear, Slow Linear, Apodizing, Fast Minimum, Slow Minimum, Fast Hybrid, Brickwall)

Technical Specifications :
Input: USB / Opticalx2 / Coaxial
Output :RCA Headphone Amplifier/ RCA /XLR
THD+N :0.00015%
Dynamic range : XLR 125dB
RCA 120dB
SNR :120dB
USB transmission :Asynchronization
USB compatibility:Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, Mac OSX10.6 or Later?Linux
Bit depth :USB 1bit, 16 ~ 32bit
Optical / Coaxial 1bit, 16 ~ 32bit
Sampling rate :USB PCM 44.1 ~ 768kHz
DSD 2.8224 ~ 22.5792MHz
Optical / Coaxial PCM 44.1 ~ 192kHz
Headphone amplifier output power:570mW(32O)
Power Consumption :5W
Standby power : <0.5W
Size : 85x88x197mm (WxHxD)
Weight :0.91kg

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