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Shozy V33 – Stainless Steel


  • Dynamic Driver
  • High Purity Copper Cable
  • Stereo Earphone
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 3.5mm TRRS Terminated

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Analogue Reproduction of audio is treasured for the artifacts added to the listening experience. V33 – First design under the LP Series with the 33 1/3 vinyl themed design and streamlined stainless steel housing, is engineered in great precision hoping to bring back the same pleasurable listening experience. With advanced driver and sound chamber designs, you will hear dynamic, engaging sound with the V33.

Listen to the attack on the strings, the ambience of the recordinbg environment, the bass decay, the bass decay, the cymbals resonance in air, the fullness of the vocal body and experience how the V33 recreates qualities of sound by modern sound engineering.

Design highlights :
– Jewel grade high-gloss polishing on streamlined stainless steel housing
– Featuring specially developed large diameter drivers that matches the sonic qualities of the housing
– Acoustic filters/dampers of high consistence and quality imported from korea

Spec :
– 20Hz-20kHz response
– Single dynamic driver configuration
– Stainless steel body
– 16 Ohm, 107 dB SPL/mw
– High Purity copper cable
– 3.5 gold plated TRS stereo plug

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