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Shanling Q1


  • ES9218 DAC Chip
  • MTouch OS
  • 2.7″ Screen
  • Build In Wi-Fi
  • DSD Support
  • Two Way Bluetooth
  • USB DAC Function

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Playful and exciting & sugar-coated shells&, against the traditional black and white gray industrial style.
Drawing inspiration from the romantic and indulgent 1960s, the classic three-layer car paint process is continued, so that the cute Q-shaped objects bring a warm and playful fashion.

Aluminum shell, let the palm of the little baby more weight.
The shell adopts zinc alloy integration die-casting molding, high density metal brings stable structure and special grip. Nine minutes exquisite, add a bit of component, it is lovely and dye-bright palm small pet.

Touch the screen, let the vision continue to revel.
Sharp & 2.7-inch HD touch screen displays vivid colors. Smooth follow, daily operation more elegant.

Small and flexible.
Built-in Shanling independent research and development and depth of optimization of the Mtouch system.Slide left and right, up and down, and Q1 is at your disposal.

Q1 is more than just a player.
Q1 is equipped with two-way Bluetooth 4.2 and two-way Type-C USB interface, which can turn Q1 into a digital turntable and Bluetooth decoding amp. There are many ways to play, and Q1’s identity is up to you.

Specification :
Size: 75*62*16.5mm
Screen: 2.7inch 3608400 touch screen
System: Mtouch OS by Shanling
Weight: 133.2g
DAC: ESS Sabre ES9218P
Life time: 21hours
Deep standby: 25 days(will fluctuate according to actual use)
Charging time: 2hours
Battery capacity: 1100mAh
Memory: support 2 TB expansion
Single end output port: 3.5mm
Output rated: 80mW@32ohm
Output impedance: ?0.2ohm
Channel balanced: 76dB
Recommend earphones impedance: 8-300ohm
Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz
Distortion: 0.004%( A-Weighting, output 1kHz 485mW)
SNR: 118dB( A-Weighting)
Button noise: ?3.2?V(high gain) ( A-Weighting)
?1.5?V(high gain) ( A-Weighting)
Sampling rated: 384kHz/32Bit, DSD64 DSD128

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Creamy White, Fire Red, Forest Green, Turquoise Blue