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Shanling ME700


  • Gold Plated Diaphragm
  • 4 Custom Balanced Armature
  • 3D Printed Shell
  • Three Way Crossover
  • Triple Bore Design
  • Premium MMCX Connector
  • Octa Core Neotech High Purity Silver Cable
  • Hi-Res Certification

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Never will you find an IEM like the Shanling ME700. Featuring a hybrid driver configuration, premium accessories and a luxurious design, each ME700 has been crafted from cultured marble. The delicate white veins over the deep black background ensure a design that’s unique & exquisite. Due to this, no two ME700s look the same.

The Shanling ME700 has been certified Hi-Res by the Japan Audio Society thanks to its drivers that can reach a frequency of even 40,000Hz. However, to experience high-resolution sound at its full potential, it is recommended that it be used with Hi-Res audio players.

The Shanling ME700 houses a 24k gold-plated dynamic driver which helps in delivering a cleaner, tighter bass along with a lush and natural overall sound output. It also includes four custom-designed balanced armature drivers. These include two larger drivers for the midrange & lower treble and two combined drivers for the higher frequencies.?

The Shanling ME700 utilizes a special octa-core Neotech silver cable for detailed sound and better high-frequency output without any disturbances. Aviation-grade stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion is included in all parts of the cable. The cable terminates into a 2.5mm connector for a balanced sound. For improved signal transmission, Shanling engineers have employed an advanced welding process.

Earphone Specification :
Type : In Ear Earphones
Drivers : Single Dynamic Driver & 4 Custom Balanced Armature Drivers
Cable : Neotech Silver
Cable Length : 1.2m
Connector : 2.5mm Balanced Jack, 3.5mm Single Ended Jack Adapter, 4.4mm Balanced Jack Adapter
Impedance : 18O
Sensitivity : 106?3dB
Frequency Response : 20 – 40000 Hz
Weight : 6.8 g

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