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Ns Audio Ns-2 Pro – White


  • Double Balanced Armature Driver
  • Tuning Optimization
  • 3D Printed Shell
  • 2 Pin Connector
  • 8 Cores Silver Plated with Copper Mixed Braided
  • Ergonomic Design

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The NS2 PRO is upgraded and optimized on the basis of the original composite double-BA driver, which increases the expressive power of high frequency, better high-frequency extension, and a significant increase in overall transparency. At the same time, it retains a texture low-frequency like dynamic driver and is fascinating Medium frequency.
Shell upgrade, more comfortable to wear, the overall thickness is reduced by about 2MM, Front catheter increase 1mm
Lower impedance, easier to push,
Tuning optimization, the tuning of NS2 Pro Composer is completed by the composer Fang Dong Qing teacher, to meet the brand of Natural Sound of the real, natural, balanced, durable and other requirements.
Ergonomic design, 360 degree fit ear is just good, not easy to fall off, wear painless all day
3D printed shell, medical grade imported resin, excellent sound isolation, allowing you to enjoy the quiet in the noisy place.
The distinction between the left and right of this earphone is quite straightforward, with “NS audio” to the right and “Composer” to the left.
The wire uses 8 cores silver-plated with copper mixed braided cable , that provides a comfortable soft feel with excellent sound quality and durability.

Driver: Dual Balanced Armature Driver
Impedance: 40/64O
Frequency response: 10-30000 Hz
Sensitivity: 110dB@1K Hz
Distortion :THD<0.5% (@100-10Khz)
Cable length: 1.2M

Package list:
NS2 Pro earphone
12 pairs of silicone Eartips
1 pair of double-flange silicone eartips
Carry box

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