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Moondrop Spaceship


  • Multi Stiffness Diaphragm
  • External Magnetic Circuit
  • Chrome Plated Brass
  • 4N Litz Oxygen Free Copper Cable

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Entry-level, Non Entry Materials.
Even though the SPACESHIP is positioned at the entry level, we still develop and manufacture it with high standards and requirements. Improved design based on a platform that has been verified on mid-to-high-end products, and repeated tuning samples for four months, aiming to create a benchmark product for entry-level positioning.

Well-Balanced Tuning.
In the four-month repeated sample adjustment process, we not only carried out the design of the index based on the VDSF Target Response, but also carried out repeated experiments on a variety of diaphragm materials to compare objective data and subjective hearing. After collecting and comparing auditory feedback from randomly selected multiple users, we adjusted the sound on this basis.

Semi-Deep In Ear Wearing, For Better Sound.
Aiming to have a more natural high-frequency performance and reduce the impact of HF attenuation and resonance caused by the ear canal, the spaceship has been designed to be semi-in-ear wearing, which makes it more comfortable in wearing than ER4 and custom headphones. Also it can restain better HF performance than ordinary shallow in-ear headphones.

Earphone Specification :
Impedance : 16Ω ± 15%
Wire : 4N Litz oxygen free copper
Frequency Response Range : 20 – 40 kHz
Plug : 3.5 mm Line Type
Effective Frequency Response : 20 – 20 kHz
Quality Control Range : ± 1.5dB
Sensitivity : 104dB @ 1kHz
Transducer : 6 mm
Electric Transducer THD : < 1% @ 1Khz
Diaphragm Material : PU & PEEK
Voice Coil : 0.035-ccAW

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