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Moondrop S8 – Clear


  • 8 Balanced Armature
  • Triple Crossover Architecture
  • Medical UV Acrylic
  • Unblemished Craftmanship
  • 2 Pin Connector
  • Litz 6N Oxygen Free Copper Cable

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Redesigned 8 Driver Triple Crossover Architecture.
MOONDROP S8 has its crossover redesigned. Features Sonion37 series dual driver with added backvolume, Knowles SWFK dual high, in her most crucial midrange is 2 of our proprietary customized Softears D-MID-B dual drivers. Its triple crossover changes respectively, tuned with precision for audible prominence.

Eight Drivers For That Sound Perfection.
Moondrop has perfectly tuned and did a crossover of eight balanced armature drivers each side, which provide life-like sound quality with crisp details and quick sound response. They have chosen a two balanced armatures for the lower end offering quick and thumpy bass response, four balanced armatures for natural and lifelike mids rich with details and two balanced armatures for detailed treble response. All the drivers are arranged in a zero phase distortion crossover to provide rich sound quality with zero distortions. They have selected sonion 37 series double bass driver for lower end and a knowles balanced armature driver unit for the treble part.

6N OCC Internal Wiring.
Concerning the specific demand for Hi-Fi market, we tailored 6N litz structure internal wiring for products with removable cable design and solder them with solder containing silver, demonstrating our pursue to details by pursuing details.

Unblemished Craftmanship.
Every set of S8 was handmade by trained craftsman from ground up. Housing, PCB soldering, wiring, assembling, fabricating, polishing, every step is subject to high standard quality control. Such standard defines our answer to craftmanship. You can tell it just by a glimpse into her clear housing with barely any imperfection.

0.78-2Pin Universal Connector
The MOONDROP S8 continues to use 2-pin 0.78mm universal connector, that means in compatiable with most IEM cables on the market. (Please contact our CS for more info). If you’re not satisfied with the performance of original cable, you can easily upgrade, Additionally, the 2-pin 0.78mm connector on S8 also compatiable with MOONDROP Bluetooth cable (with built in mic), this allows you to have multiple choise with different use scenario.

Earphone Specification :
Frequency response:20-40khz
Effective FR:20-20khz
Channel mismatch:±1db
Drivers:dual high, quad mid, dual low.
Socket:0.78 2pin flat(legacy westone)
Housing: medical UV acrylic
Cable: Litz 6N OFC 1/8″jack

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