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Moondrop Blessing 2


  • Hybrid Driver (Dynamic Driver + Balanced Armature)
  • Three Way Crossover
  • 3D Printing Medical Resin
  • 2 Pin Connector
  • 4 Wire Braided Copper


1 DD + 4BA configuration Hybrid three frequency division
The physical band-pass and low-pass filtering of the sound duct structure relying on 3D printing to form a hybrid three-frequency structure, which is divided by the RC power frequency division. Dual Knowles’ SWFK high-frequency balanced armature unit is responsible for high-frequency. A pair of exclusive custom IF units are for mid-frequency (to achieve VDSF Target Frequency Response). A 10mm dynamic coil unit of a paper cone composite diaphragm is for low-frequency. All for the transparent sounds with deep bass, middle pitch, and sweet treble.

3D printed high-precision physical filtering sound duct structure
The frequency division method for Blessing 2 includes physical band-pass filtering and low-pass filtering. Band-pass filtering is used to adjust the response range of the low frequency and mid-frequency, and low-pass filtering is used to limit the Q value of the mid-frequency and high -frequency.

Sweet treble, middle pitch, deep bass• Transparent and revive
The advantage of the “physical filtering + RC filtering” hybrid three-frequency architecture lies in precisely controlling the response of each unit, so that each unit can play an ideal level in its operating frequency band, and then achieve the frequency response index in accordance with the VDSF Target Response For Blessing2, it presents the sound quality that can accurately restore the information contained in the recording.

Earphone Specification :
MOONDROP Blessing 2 In-Ear Headphones
Impedance: 22 Ω @ 1kHz (± 15%)
Unit configuration: 1DD & 4 BA each side
Frequency response range: 9-37KHz
(1 / 4-inch free-field microphone, -3dB)
Treble unit: Knowles SWFK
Midrange; Softears D-MID-A
Bass: 10mm paper cone diaphragm coil
Effective frequency response: 20-20KHZ
Quality control range: ± 1dB @ 1kHz
Sensitivity: 117dB / Vrms @ 1kHz
Change connector: 0.78-2Pin
THD: <1% @ 1KHz

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