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Knowlegde Zenith KZ S1D


  • Customized Dynamic Driver Unit
  • AAC Support Codec
  • HIFI Sound Quality
  • Bluetooth 5.0

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KZ S1D Customized Dynamic Unit.
KZ S1D adopts a custom thin and light PEK composite diaphragm, the optimized unit structure is small and precise. Although the size is small but energy is large, releasing fuller mid frequency and bass frequency than expected.

Bluetooth 5.0 and Low Latency.
Adopting the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, KZ S1/S1D can support the new generation of low latency game mode. This mode has a faster transmission speed of sound signal and you can feel more amazing game experience.

One Touch Control and Long Standby Time.
To facilitate the operation, this model adopts the one touch system. Simply touch the faceplate you can control everything. Built-in 40mAh earbud battery and 300mAh charging case battery, it assures up to 100h standby time.

Eye-catching Look and Ergonomic Shape.
Born as an art of fine design, the ergonomic shape, the novel color, the resin material, each elements are matching perfectly. It?s a product of function and beauty. Lightweight and comfortable, it?s a daily use earphones.

Earphone Specification :
Driver : 1 Custom Dynamic Driver
Bluetooth version : V5.0
Bluetooth Range : about 20m
Headset battery capacity : 40mA
Battery capacity of charging compartment : 300mA
Headset operation time : ? 3H
Standby time of charging compartment : = 100h

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