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Final Audio MMCX Cable Remover Assist


  • “MMCX ASSIST” is an item for smooth connection and disconnection of earphone cable using MMCX connector.
  • Recommended for preventing cable breakage. Unplug cable with MMCX-connector is easy
  • This product is a product optimized for re-cable compatible products employing most MMCX connectors, but NOT for all.
  • Before using this MMCX Assist, pls read the instruction (at the back of the box) thoroughly.
  • Please note that MMCX connector is NOT designed for frequent insertion and removal. Repeated attachment and detachment may cause poor contact due to wear and breakage of the terminal.

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Final Audio MMCX Assist In Ear Monitor Cable Tool helps to remove your MMCX connector nice and easy. Just use the yellow clip at the connector and then the cable and the earphone will unplug easily. There are 2 Final Audio Assist in one package.

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