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Final Audio E1000


  • Sound creation based on acoustic engineering and psychology
  • Unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism
  • 6.4mm dynamic driver unit
  • Original ear pieces that come in 5 sizes
  • Employs a thick, flexible cable

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Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research results.
We want people to take more of an interest in audio products. Final has developed this new entry model with this in mind.

Our development goal was to provide beginners with “good sound”; E3000 / E2000 were the first models in the E series to be released. Following these came the E5000 / E4000 re-cable models. While these were very well received, we received considerable feedback from junior high school and high school students who noted that they wanted to purchase products from the E series but were unable to do so because they were too expensive. With a simple change in the earphones you use, your favorite artist whispers into your ear, and the song intros you’ve listened to over and over again sound like completely different music. This is the kind of evocative experience we want young people to have; we want them to take more of an interest in audio products. With this in mind, we embarked on the development of E1000.

Earphone Specification :
Housing : ABS
Driver : 6.4mm dynamic driver
Cable : Black OFC
Sensitivity : 102dB/mW
Impedance : 16O
Weight : 15g
Cord length : 1.2m

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