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Fearless Audio Lancelot


  • 2 Electrostatic + 6 Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Flagship Sound Quality
  • 8 Core High Quality Cable
  • Exquisite Craftmanship
  • Ergonomic Design

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Fearless Audio Paladin Lancelot 2 Electrostatic + 6 Balanced Armature Hi-Fi In Ear Monitor Earphones

What We Have in Fearless Audio Paladin Series Family?
-Lancelot= Dual Electrostatic Driver + 6 Balanced Armature

Electrostatic Driver Ever.
As a High end custom HiFi earphone brand, Fearless Audio has been in this industry for over 6 years. With sophisticated production, over 60 procedures for one handmade earphones, here we have the Paladin Series to meet your needs. We believe this series will wow you in every aspects. Don?t miss it.

EST Technology.
Paladin Series adopt the world famous Sonion Electrostatic drivers which has two electrostatic loudspeakers drivers and voltage booster. At the same time, it adopts the micro diaphragm which offers excellent transient response and detailed analysis with its amazing flexibility in high frequency.

Textured Sound Quality.
La Hire is prominent in female voice because it adopts the EST electrostatic drivers. The elegant textured sound quality. Roland is the best art of BA, DD and electrostatic drivers. The combination of three different drivers play well in respective frequency, reaching a sound of ?harmony in diversity? while Lancelot has more neutral sound, smooth and textured.

8 Core High Quality Cable.
Paladin Series come with a high purity 8 core single crystal copper-plated silver wire. This cable will greatly improve the sound quality in details. The sound is more transparent. The special braided cable is long-lasting as well.

Exquisite Craftsmanship.
Each shell and faceplate is specially designed. The look is unique. You can feel the retro beauty in this series.

Earphone Specification :
Model: Lancelot
Drivers: Dual Electrostatic Driver + 6 Balanced Armature
Resistance: 26ohm
Sensitivity: 114DB
Frequency Response: 18-80khz
Distortion Rate: <1%
Sound Isolation: 26db

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