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F.Audio FA3


  • AK44973EQ Chip
  • Class A Balanced Output
  • Toshiba Tube Balanced Output
  • Type C / USB Decoding Function
  • Battery nominal capacity 4000mAh

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FA3 is equipped with an AKM Premium and decoding DAC AK4497EQ. AK4497EQ is a 32-bit DAC, which supports the hard solution of common DSD and PCM formats. With the four-channel AKM VELVET SOUND architecture, digital filtering can be applied to 32-bit resolution, and its built-in low-distortion architecture can accurately restore music details, just like listening to the scene.

All class A balanced output.
Class A output, referred to as class A amplification, and the output of two or two sets of transistors, even in the absence of input and output signals, all the time consuming a large amount of current. Its advantage is that it can effectively overcome the crossover distortion and make the sound quality smooth, mellow and exquisite. From the perspective of sound quality, it is called the most ideal audio amplifier circuit.

8 pairs of TOSHIBA tube balanced output.
Select four Texas dual amp as LPF and voltage amplifier, Texas TP565131 professional audio power management

Type-C /USB decoding function.
Allow you to improve music quality more quickly (16bit 48k CD quality level decoding)

More extended features.
Car mode, intelligent power saving, turntable custom, switch songs on black screen

Technical Specification :
Body material: CNC All aluminum
Size: about105X58X16mm(H*W*D)
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
Screen size: 2.4Inch Screen
Earphones impedance: Dynamic driver earbuds within 500O,
Dynamic driver Headphones within 32-300O.
Audio formats supports:
DSD,DFF (DSD): DSD 64, DSD128, DSD256;Sampling:2.8224-11.2M;
FLAC:Sampling 8-192KHZ ,Bit rate:16-24bit;compress mode supports L0-10level;
APE: Sampling 8-192KHZ ,Bit rate:16-24bit;compress mode supports fast, normal and high levels;
WAV/PCM: Sampling 8-192KHZ ,Bit rate:8-32bit;
AIFF:Sampling 8-192KHZ ,Bit rate:16-32bit;
ALAC:Sampling 8-192KHZ ,Bit rate:16-24bit;
IMA/MS-ADPCM: Sampling 8-48KHZ ,Code rate:8-384Kb/s;Bit rate:16bit;
MP1-MP3:Sampling 8-48KHZ ,Code rate:8-320Kb/s;Bit rate:16bit;
AAC:Sampling 8-48KHZ ,Code rate:8-320Kb/s;Bit rate:16bit; Compress mode supports LC level
OGG:Sampling 8-48KHZ ,Code rate:8-320Kb/s;Bit rate:16bit; Supports Floor l type;
CUE:supports ape,flac, wav divide;Lists support single album tracks; Cue is placed with the entire rail file when used
Charger: Suggest 5V/1.5A~2A
Charging time: About 5 hours
Temperature range:-10? ~ 40?
SNR: Single-end 114dB, balanced 119dB
THD+ :Single-end 0.0009%, balanced 0.0007%

Play time:
Music plays continuously for about 12 hours
(Test condition: audio format wav/16 Bit, 44.1K volume 50,32O earphones load, black screen status)
(The actual playback format is related to your Settings and operation habits, DSD audio format is the most power-consuming)

Extended memory supports:
Compatible with maximum capacity of 512GB TF card, support FAT32&EXFAT file system.
Note: TF CARDS are recommended to be formatted in the machine before use.
Operation method: system setup – formatting the device.
Support language:English , Chinese ,Japanese

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