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  • 10mm carbon nanotube Dynamic driver + 7mm electret electrostatic driver
  • aviation-grade aluminum alloy CNC five-axis machine
  • Exquisite Design
  • electronic three-way frequency plan
  • 6N OCC silver-plated upgrade wire
  • Audiophile Silver-plated MMCX Cable
  • comfortable to wear

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Using 10mm carbon nanotube Dynamic driver + 7mm electret electrostatic driver, with high amplitude and low distortion characteristics, can bring high dynamic frequency response and strong and powerful bass, ZERO uses a polygonal sound cavity structure, front and rear anti-resonance effect Better, bring truly intoxicating sound quality.

Shell is carved with aviation-grade aluminum alloy CNC five-axis machine comfortable long time wearing experience and elegant looking. The color is also designed to be suitable for audiences as wide as possible. The shells is durable and resistant to everyday use as it has passed rigorous testing and proved to be able to last for years.

Exquisite Design, CNC high-precision sound cavity, electronic three-way frequency plan, the shell is made of metal reflecting a sense of luxury in appearance. The canal design can shut out noise perfectly. Never worry about noise only to enjoy deep and rich sound. Different size of ear plugs are included. It can fit in your ear perfectly.

Earphone adopts detachable design, Using 6N OCC silver-plated upgrade wire to reduce sound transmission loss due to excessive impedance,Audiophile Silver-plated MMCX Cable and aims for the best quality in audio reproduction. It can greatly enhance the vocals and the instruments in music
Ergonomic shell design, more comfortable to wear, carefully tuned frequency, three-band equalization,also obtained Hi-Res certification, restore nature, sound immersive

Earphone Specification:
Drive unit: 10mm Dynamic + 7mm electrostatic driver
Sensitivity: 110dB
Impedance: 12O
Frequency response: 10HZ-40000HZ
Rated power: 10MW
Cable length: 1.2 meters
Connector: MMCX

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