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  • Balance of texture and weight control.
  • Create delicate metal aesthetics.
  • Diamond-like non-carbon crystal (DLC) diaphragm.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Incredible sound cavity structure.
  • Carefully tuned frequency response curve.
  • MMCX interface design.
  • 5N copper and silver mixed cable, silver full natural, image separation is excellent.

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Balance of texture and weight control.
The whole 6 series aviation one-five axis fine carving molding, with thread type special acoustic wave reflection channel, let the sound more pure and natural.

Create delicate metal aesthetics.
Using a five-axis CNC lathe through a complex process, including polishing, sandblasting, oxidation, fine carving, which is luxury likes a work of art.

Diamond-like non-carbon crystal (DLC) diaphragm.
The 14.2mm diamond-like non-carbon crystal (DLC) diaphragm sounding unit is a technology that makes carbon cool down rapidly and crystallize rapidly at high energy. It’s as hard as a diamond. Combined with years of acoustic experience, the quality of DLC diaphragm is squeezed out to a greater extent, bringing more natural and transparent sound.

Ergonomic design.
Ergonomic design, wear more stable, fit more comfortable, to bring quality sensory new experience for you.

Incredible sound cavity structure.
Persistent pursuit of quality, we abandoned a lot of core components, strictly select more high-quality structural accessories, from the source to improve quality.

Carefully tuned frequency response curve.
The overall curve is listenable and nature, vocal details rich, soft and not stimulating.

MMCX interface design.
Adopt MMCX gold-plated interface design with high market share and personalized plug and pull design to add more extended functions to earphones.

5N copper and silver mixed cable, silver full natural, image separation is excellent.
For the purpose of balance, it can reduce the loss in sound transmission, enrich the details, bring more pure sound, and create a sense of atmosphere and transparency.

Specification :
Model: BGVP DX5
Drive unit: 14.2mm DLC Dynamic
Impedance: 30ohm
Sensitivity: =111dB SPL/mW
Frequency response: 10Hz-45kHz
Distortion rate: 0.5% @ 1kHz
Channel balanced: =1dB
Rated power: 8mW
Cable length: 1.25m

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