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  • Envision TEC 3D printing equipment
  • 2 tuning switches tuning design
  • Electronic 4-way crossover

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Envision TEC 3D printing equipment

DH3 is based on German Envision TEC 3D printing equipment and made of PMMA acrylic fiber skin-friendly material, which improves high temperature resistance and impact resistance.
More professional combination of dynamic, 2 Knowles + biological diaphragm dynamic, make the connection more natural. Balanced armature and dynamic are connected with each other, the three frequency resolution is higher, and the sound is distinct.

Low frequency
The 8mm diaphragm dynamic provides low frequency with low distortion and ambience

Middle frequency
Knowles ED-26989 makes vocal more listenable and sweet

High frequency
Knowles RAF-33518 greatly increased the high frequency density and overclocking extension

2 tuning switches tuning design
Through sophisticated circuit acoustic tuning, DH3 has 4 switching tuning styles, high frequency extension, medium frequency density and low frequency diving, to meet the requirements of different hearing sense and different music styles.

Electronic 4-way crossover
DH3 adopts classical three-way crossover design, and reasonably distributes ultra-high, high, medium and low frequency bands. The overall curve is smooth and coherent, popular tuning, and the size is compiled. The sound field is just right, and the sweet vocal makes people wear it for a long time without getting tired. The DH3 has a clear image, precise positioning and obvious layering, giving you a sense of hearing.

– Model: ArtMagic DH3
– Drive unit: 2BA+1DD
– 2 tuning switches: 4 styles (1 is for high frequency , 2 is for low frequency, 1&2 is for for mid-high frequency)
– Frequency response: 13-40kHz
– Sensitivity: 105dB
– Impedance: 15O
– Channel balance: =1dB
– Distortion rate: =0.5%
– Rate power:5mW
– Cable length: 1.2m

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